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Sneak Preview - S/Summer 2019


We believe in bringing the exceptional performance of the natural world to you through our shoes. The slip on will feature a mixture of recycled cotton textiles, high quality vegan leather and our coconut fibre insole. 



  • Size: 34-41
  • Available May, 2019
  • Color: White
  • Material: White Vegan Leather with Recycled Outersole
  • Categorie: Sneaker




Our materials are carefully selected to offer you the ultimate in comfort, warmth and durability and are sourced from some of the best available renewable sources.



Brazil produces over 1 billion green coconuts per year. In Rio alone it represents 30% of all its urban waste, when directed to a landfill it can take up to 15 years to decompose naturally. For every coconut recycled, we can make up to five pair of insoles.



Made from residues from the industrial rubber industry, mixed with natural latex to insure grip and durability. We have incorporated the upcycled aspect of this materials to our unique desgin, making the new styles more versatile.



Our Premium Vegan Leather is produced locally without the addition of chemical colorants. Though not plant based we now offer the option to replace the coconut insoles if needed, prolonging the life cycle of our produtcs.




Our unique design is based on the coconut husk's natural shock-absorber property based on a scientific concept called biomimicry. Its purpose in nature is to soften the impact when the coconut falls from the tree and protect the shell from breaking when it hits the ground. That is why we have incorporated the layers of spiraled, naturally pliable coconut fibers linked together with high-elasticity natural latex and wrapped in soft, organic cotton textile insoles to our footwear line. It is exceptionally breathable and wicks away moisture quickly. It’s also naturally anti-bacterial, keeping your feet fresh, dry and comfortable while insuring a more sustainable alternative to the ones found in the market today. 



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"You don't know the good it does for my feet as I pull the long hours working the kitchen."



Andre Ricardo


"Your work is incredible, beautiful shoes, different and one-of-a-kind, full of creativity."



Nathy Souza



Joya da Terra


We employ local workers and are committed to the highest standards of ethical manufacturing. The factory has a strict non-toxic policy and they recycle nearly all their waste products, including fabric off-cuts and water.

Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro.

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